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Save Time and Money – Reduce Stress – Get More Done!

Are you a small business owner who…

  • is tired of your overwhelming to-do list?
  • is reacting to constant demands on your time?
  • is drowning under a huge backlog of electronic or paper clutter?

It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Every day, I work with people just like you and help them take control of schedules, businesses and lives.

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In just one day (or less!)…
You can take control of your schedule, business and life.

My step by step programs help you manage your overwhelming to-do list, take control of your schedule and design the life of your dreams so you can start to save time and money; reduce stress and get more done in one day or less…sometimes as quickly as a few hours.

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Custom Solutions

Ideal for the small business owner who never seems to get around to important, non-urgent projects.

Together, we will time manage the things you know you need to do, but somehow seldom get around to doing. As a result, you will gain perspective, balance and fewer crises.

Quick Start Program

Perfect for the person who is drowning under a huge backlog of to-dos and paper clutter with no time or perspective to think about the bigger picture.

This program will give you the basic skills you need to take charge fast and provide the breathing room you need to approach the Essential or Comprehensive program calmly and with confidence.

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Essential Program image

Essential Program

Ideal for the person who is constantly reacting to external demands on their time and wants to take control of their schedule and their life.

Based on your personality and unique relationship to time, this program will give you a customized time management system that makes sense to you and you’ll want to use each and every day.

Comprehensive Program

A must-have for the small business owner who wants to know where they’re going and what it’s going to take to get there.

This program will give you everything in the Essential Program, plus a schedule that ensures the life balance you desire so you can live the life of your dreams.

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Use Skype or Phone

To learn more about my programs, contact me at

You can work with me virtually from anywhere in the world through Skype or phone.

About Patti Schneider, Time Management Coach

Patti Schneider More Time Coach

Patti Schneider

B. A. (Psychology), CTACC
More Time Coach™

Patti Schneider is passionate about helping small business owners manage their overwhelming to-do lists, take control of their schedules and design the lives of their dreams.  Her step by step programs help clients save time and money; reduce stress and get more done!

With a unique background that includes psychology, education, life coaching and professional organizing, she understands how it feels to be overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list, to be drowning under a huge backlog of paper clutter and to be reacting to constant demands on time rather than living life proactively.

Patti believes in creating time with you in mind. Her simple to implement systems are based on understanding your unique relationship to time and creating a more time solution that works for you.

Patti has 20+ years experience in residential, home office, small office and corporate settings.  Patti is a member in good standing of the International Coach Federation, National Association of Professional Organizers and Professional Organizers in Canada and abides by these organizations’ Codes of Ethics.

If you want a proven system to save time and money; reduce stress and get more done, contact Patti today at

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Client Success Stories

“I am saving $1,000+ per month AND have more personal and family time.”

I turned to Patti at a time in my life when I had become overwhelmed by being years behind in administrative tasks. Patti was very compassionate, understanding & non-judgemental. She took the time to explain why I had fallen behind, which lessened my feelings of exasperation.

As Patti & I worked together, I felt more relaxed and comfortable with my situation. My self-esteem and wellness returned. She educated me on the concepts of time management and organization that I implemented into my life with ease.

Although I initially felt like I was smart enough to figure out how to improve my situation on my own, hiring Patti was the smartest choice I made.

It fast tracked my organization process & helped me to make some life changing choices.

Patti was able to recognize all the facets of my personality & life and show me how to bring it all together into a manageable lifestyle that works for me.

As a result, I am saving $1000.00+ per month, and I have more personal & family time.

Monica Larade
Registered Massage Therapist

“There is so much less stress…”

Before my initial meeting with Patti I was really feeling overwhelmed by my email inbox, returning calls, missed deadlines, my crazy schedule, billing and invoicing, budgeting, and so many other aspects of running a music studio and being a district supervisor and trainer for the Music for Young Children program.

At our first meeting, I could see that Patti works with each client based on how they can best function and be organized. Patti helped me understand what methods would fit my learning style, personality and organizational style.

I felt empowered rather than being scolded about how dysfunctional my methods were. I was given suggestions that I could implement that came alongside how things were functioning (or not functioning) while helping me get more organized and reduce the stress that I was feeling.

Now, having worked with Patti for a year, my business has so much more clarity for me. Billing and invoicing is up to date, so I am not losing money on missed invoicing. There is much less stress because we have streamlined the administration side of the business, so it takes less time to do things.

I’m really looking forward to continuing with Patti and gaining more clarity and peace in my business!

Frank Berg
Music Studio Director

“Inspired Energy, Focused Attention, and Productivity”

New and inspired energy, focussed attention and productivity along with clean, organized, and easy to navigate spaces are what I have gotten and continue to get from my work with Patti Schneider.

While we have worked on my office time and area, Patti’s suggestions have spread over to other areas in my life and home.  And she is always available to provide guidance for items or questions I have.

She continues to encourage me in my quest for more freedom from stuff.

I am ever grateful for what we have accomplished so far and am so excited about what we will continue to accomplish. Patti inspires me to continue to move towards my goals and embrace new ways of thinking about time and space whether that is by embracing technology or a new system.

Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

“My creativity and productivity flow effortlessly.”

Patti has a unique ability to ask the right questions, come up with easy-to-implement solutions and break down goals into manageable steps.

It is a pleasure to work in and on my business again! Figuring out how much time wasters were costing me and my business was an eye-opening exercise. I now think about time differently, and as a result, the way I approach my day is clearer and my business creativity and productivity flow effortlessly.

I have made significant changes to my life with family, travel and fun being central priorities – my ideal life!

Irene Byrne
Business Consultant